68-year-old Catherine Hiller is a regular New York woman. And she’s got the exact opposite of a secret.

Hiller just wrote a memoir about her half-century of pot smoking… and its total lack of consequence. After trying weed in a Park Slope, Brooklyn back in 1963, she kept on blazin’. Speaking of her first smoke, Hiller explains in a New York Times article that she went to a bar and “had the world’s best hamburger.”

She’s just a normal lady, with a couple of kids and a penchant for the legalization movement. But her book, which some are calling the first “marijuana memoir” ever, might be controversial in some circles.

That’s kind of the point, though: “Whatever I can do to legalize it, I will,” Hiller told the Times during their interview. Her goal is to bring cannabis consumption into the open, very much as it deserves.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with smoking a few good trees.

Catherine Hiller’s Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir will be released on Wednesday, April 15th, 2015. 

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