When CBD advocate Dave Hargett began experimenting with CO2 extractions, he never dreamed that his work could change his family’s cat life forever.

Mogli, a 17-year-old black-and-white tomcat, started having trouble walking — and even getting into bed with his human caretakers — in November 2014. Dave’s mom immediately took their beloved pet to the veterinarian, but the diagnosis wasn’t hopeful.

Degenerative disc disease was putting major pressure on the cat’s spine, making it too painful for Mogli to go about his usual business. And on the pain meds the vet prescribed, Mogli couldn’t do anything but sleep.

“We were told Mogli could undergo surgery, but due to his age he would be high risk and there was no guarantee of a better quality of life. We were sent home with several pain medications and a heavy heart,” Dave’s mom told us. That’s why she asked her son — the founder of Innovative Extractions, a collective that provides patients with CO2 extracts and other CBD products — for help.

Dave recounts how his mother called him, saying they expected they’d soon have to put the cat down. “I said: ‘Okay, Mom, you need to just give your cat the tincture. I gave you that bottle. Do it before I come over and do it first.’ ”

Next thing he knew, Dave was receiving texts with pictures of Mogli jumping onto the couch, then the counter. Four months later, he says, the cat has a far better quality of life, even if he’s not completely cured.


Mogli, chillin’ on the countertop. (All photos: Dave Hargett)

“[My mom] now goes to her vet and they go, how’s Mogli? She tells them, he’s not on any of your meds, the cat is on CBD oil. And the vets just laugh at her. They don’t even believe her.

“So now I finally have a believer in my mom, who originally wouldn’t trust a word I said [about the benefits of CBD].”

At a time when the world’s buzzing about a Nevada bill that would allow vets to prescribe medical marijuana for pets, Mogli’s story is especially resonant.

Although some people don’t think pets can benefit from cannabis treatments, others think — like Dave — that CBD can truly make a difference by alleviating animals’ suffering and helping them heal. Around the country, the debate is on.

Do you think that animals should get to be medical marijuana patients, too? Join the conversation and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  1. Tamana Jobb

    I just received my CBD oil for my cat Sidney. Last month she had surgery for mamory tumors. We have no idea when they will come back. She’s 12 years old. I’m not ready for her to leave this world. I adopted her when she was 8. Can someone please tell me whether I should give her this oil for “preventative” purposes or should I wait? Will she benefit from this oil although she’s currently in remission? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Wilson Bown

      Hello Tamana

      Great to hear she is in remission! The reality is we do not have evidence to make recommendations. Your best bet would be giving Sidney a small amount and see what the results are. It is not like the cbd oil can hurt Sidney. We just cant say 100% what will happen.

  2. Vicki

    Dave Hargett,
    Would you PLEASE tell me exactly what kind you used and where to purchase it??? My cat has nasal Adenocarcinoma, a very aggressive form of cancer, and this is her only hope!
    Please let me know asap.
    Thank you,

    • Wilson Bown

      Hey Vicki,

      The article was written by one of our editors. You can find cbd oil online for animals. I do not recall the exact brand. Just make sure the labeling says safe for animals, generally comes in tincture form.

  3. jloome

    Our dog was dying quite slowly and painfully from Cushing’s Disease and was on a very expensive drug called Trilostane that was just delaying the inevitable. He had gotten to the point where he could hardly rise off the ground. I took him off the drug and put him on about 7mg of CBD 7% twice per day (in milled flour form, from a dispensary) and he’s basically acting cured. Within three days he was up and around, eating normall again. Within a week he had gained back half the weight he’d lost and his bad hip no longer restricted movements. His swollen glands had gone down to normal and he had both appetite and thirst.

    Now, two months later, he’s like a dog three years younger, or at the very least like he was before the disease hit. The stuff is amazing.

  4. rich

    My dog has glaucoma and I made her some oil about 3 weeks ago and wow her eyes are shrinking back down to normal size.she is more playful now.her eyes literally looked like they where going to pop out of the sockets.and of coarse she has her big appetite back now!

    True story so far.made me a believer. !!!

  5. Ellen

    I’ve been giving CBD oil to my cat who has inflammation due to a spinal cord injury. I put a tiny piece of the oil (the kind I use looks like solid green wax) into 1/2 of a tiny (size 5) capsule. I cap and cover the capsule with a pinch of Pill Pocket before putting it in his wet food. The glob of oil I use is about the size of a grain of rice or half a grain of rice. If my cat tastes the oil, it’s all over. It has to be well hidden for my cat to take it.

  6. Annie

    Okay what dose cbd oil and how did your mum administer it? My cat has cancer but I do not think she would willingly take it due to the strong smell and taste….

    • Johnny

      Im not sure what the exact amount was but I would start off on the lower side to play it safe. Good thing is, even if you her too much it wont have a disastrous effect. Its only cannabis

    • Johnny

      it works the same way as it will on humans. While this hasn’t been tested in a scientific settings with a research group, there has been individual cases where this has occurred


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