Everyday someone has a new opinion in the old questions of cbd vs thc. People in the industry continue to argue which one is more important. If you talk to the veteran marijuana user, CBD does not even get brought up considering to them smoking marijuana is about having unlimited joints.

If you ask a modern day hippie, they will go into a long lecture about the scientific facts behind cbd vs thc strains and how some have even claimed it has potential to cure cancer (no studies have actually proved this to be true). There are numerous scientific companies that spending millions on studying the benefits of cbd for medical purposes but have not brought any authentic evidence to the table. But that does not mean it doesn’t have real potential, we are just in the early stages of scientific research and we will need time to prove the real benefits of marijuana and more importantly cbd.

Since the reefer madness campaign of the 1930’s the cannabis community has faced numerous stoner stereotypes that has hindered the community. So to hear there is an element of marijuana, CBD, that does not get you high can really open up the eyes of numerous potential marijuana users who want the medical benefits but do not want the high that comes with it.

After hearing a lot about the advancements on the non-psychoactive side of Marijuana, CBD’s lets take a look at the differences that it carries opposed to THC.

What is CBD

CBD’s are the key ingredient that you’ll find when looking at the chemical structure of weed. THC and CBD’s are found to be the highest concentrations when marijuana is broken down, but usually the amount of THC tends to be higher than CBD’s.

Some varieties of cannabis have almost no traces of CBD’s and some have a higher concentration of CBD that even out weigh the THC levels. CBD’s do not activate the CB1 receptors in your brain that allow you to get a smooth high sensation. Furthermore, CBD seems to have a lot more in terms of medical benefits then THC. As mentioned earlier, studies are indicating that Cannabidiol can be a real difference maker in the medical industry because of its natural properties that can be used for a variety of treatments.

Following the prime fact that CBD intake does not actually get you high, it comes in handy when facing medical issues such as nausea, seizures,  psychosis, inflammatory disorders, tumors, and cancers cells just to name a few.

What is THC

THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, the main chemical behind marijuana’s psychological effects. According to the national Drug policy is resembles cannabinoids made naturally in the body.  This compound is found primarily the glands of a marijuana plant. The THC level varies based off of the strain. Typically indica dominant strains will have a higher amount of THC then sativa.

Furthermore eating edibles versus smoking marijuana is one of the most potent methods to getting high levels of THC. Interestingly enough those who eat edibles claim they do not feel it right away leading them to eat more edibles and before they know it they are “stoned”. Reason being edibles take no longer to get into the blood stream and effect the body. So next time your eating an edible give it some time to have its effect and you can be sure you will feel the higher thc levels.

How does THC Get me “High” or “Stoned”

Since the reefer madness campaign of the 1930’s negative stigma’s against marijuana have been dominating the airways. So understanding how people get “high” or “stoned” will help you better understand the system behind THC and its effects.

The main function behind the thc high is how it releases dopamine into the brain creating a feeling of euphoria that leaves user on cloud 9. The high generally lasts about 2 hours and can lead to new expanind your mind and creating new memories.

The psychological effects of thc can be very relieving after a long stressful day or an intense workout. Many athletes have recognized marijuana as an alternative to the painkillers provided by their team to hep them recover. We all know there is nothing better then coming home after a long day and relaxing with a vaporizer or jay to detox and enjoy your evening.


In the battle of CBD vs THC effects, what are the differences?

Concluding the age old question of cbd vs thc effects, we will share some insight on how the two different elements of marijuana compare to each other.

First thc has been reported to create anxiety in users while cbd in early studies has been shown to relieve anxiety. This happens because of the high THC creates. When you consume cbd you do not get the psychological effects that alter your mindstate,  just the medical benefits. When it comes to getting sleep, cbd can keep you awake for hours. As many smokers know when you get too high all you want to do is sleep. This occurs because some marijuana strains can make you feel drowsy.

Lastly one of the most obvious differences between the two is the high. When you smoke marijuana thc you get the high that is caused by burning the plant. CBD is not burned therefore you do not get high from it. For that reason many advocates are pushing for at least the legalization of hemp because you can still produce cbd and not worry about suers getting high. So now you know the differences and can make a decision on which one you should go with next time you have the choice.

Hopefully this helps you make the decision next time your at the marijuana dispensary in your community or if your a tourist in Colorado. Did we miss a point or do you have an experience you feel other users can share from? Let us know below!



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