Central Remedies dispensary is the leader when it comes to indica based medical marijuana. They had nearly ever indica you can think about. I would say about 60-70% of their flowers were indica. So if your a sativa lover this might not be the place for you. Central Remedies is a south la dispensary that always has some sort of special going on for quality marijuana. They have two happy hours to make sure they take care of their members.
The signup process I felt took longer than it should. That could be due to how busy they were also so I cannot really blame them. After filling out the paperwork you head in and the tender gives you a tour and lets you of the FTP special which was pretty impressive. I got a free preroll among other things. The tenders were pretty smart and I didnt feel like they were forcing me on anything, they just helped me to make the right choice for my needs. In general are usually a indica based flower so I was in the right place.

Walking out of this place I was happy with my purchase. The quality of the buds were amazing and I had a little bag of goodies. Unfortunately due to the distance I do not know if I will be coming back here unless I am on that side of town again. Their contact info can be found below:

Central Remedies
5712 S. Central ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90011

Hours: 8a.m.-12a.m.

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