Chicago Bulls: Unstop-A-Bulls (NBA Basketball Documentary) Documentary on the legendary NBA basketball team – the 1995-1996 Championship Bulls, led by Michae…

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  1. Roland Young

    The Chicago bulls most go on and they almost had it this year, maybe next
    year so your fans can be happy

  2. john mcgregor

    Conveniently ignores Payton’s injury through the finals, and especially the
    first two games. Not saying the Sonics would have won, but to just ignore

  3. Michael Haley

    Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,
    the Son of God.

  4. Nicholas Meares

    Damn, this reminds me of how Pippen was constantly dunking on everyone

  5. deadeye_632

    alot of people are probable going to hate me for this but i see alot of
    what the bulls did the heat are also doing….now before you cuss up a
    storm at me listen please. i know MJ is better then LBJ, i also know that
    the 80s and 90s were the best years for basketball and that it was harder
    to play in the 80s-90s then now! but you have to give credit where its dew
    and miami has gone through alot and deserve the respect! ik LBJ and the
    heat has alot of haters but so did the bulls and MJ! all the celtics fans
    and piston fans and lakers fans hated MJ and the bulls! just like the bulls
    fans spurs fans and alot of other teams hate the heat and LBJ! im not
    comparing LBJ and the heat to MJ and the bulls but all im saying is give
    credit where its dew!

  6. Lidia Alcopar

    Greatest moments in NBA history! I still get excited, I still get happy, I
    still get teary eyed!! Thank You Mr. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls!!

  7. vincyman80

    Chicago Bull will always go do as the best basketball team in History. As a
    young guy growing up our home was always taking in the game and the entire
    house was for the Bulls with the main man in the game MJ. Michael Jordon in
    the Century will go down as the best ever in this game. Kobe stole all MJ’S
    moves. Long live MJ and the Chicago Bulls.

  8. Jay Patel

    People can agree or disagree with me but Chicago Bulls are one of The
    Greatest Basketball team of all time. Think of some of The best players
    that were in that team Scotty Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Shaquille O’Neal, and
    Michaels Jordan are few that were The Best. They got 8 NBA Championships
    thanks to Michael Jordan.


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