The Colfax Marathon is celebrating its 10th year as Denver’s premier marathon event this weekend.

For some Denverites, this means the first chance of the season to see what they can do on race day. For many more Denverites, it means traffic nightmares as Denver’s main vein Colfax Avenue will be closed for the event from 8am – 2pm on Sunday, May 17.
Rather than needlessly becoming frustrated by being stuck in LoDo, around City Park, or in the Highlands, embrace the road closures by blazing a bowl and watching the spectacle.
One thing for certain, the marathon down Denver’s now infamously devilish byway will make for some amazing people watching.

 Belly Up Anywhere

No matter if you reside West of I-25, East of Quebec, or anywhere in between, the race is coming to your neighborhood. The marathon and 10 miler events run from West to East, Kipling St. to City Park.
The half-marathon event runs East to West, from City Park to nearly Havana St. on Colfax. That’s a very wide area of road closure, effecting a large percentage of Denver’s population in the process.

Point being that no matter where you live in and around downtown Denver, the race will be passing near you on Sunday. No way around that. Attempting to drive anywhere around the race zone will be an impossibility.
So, instead pick up your piece and blaze a bowl, then stoned-edly meander down to the race and pop a squat on the sidewalk. No matter the race, there will be some eclectic racers running by you.
A great form of high-tertainment. When the bud buzz begins to break, you’re close enough to re-up back at home, like a good citizen (no toking in public, please!).

Clear your schedule, getting anywhere on Sunday will be hellish since Denver city will be closing Colfax Ave., and you’re not going to want to miss the crazy, costumed Colfax runners in any and all the race events.
If you would rather hedge your bets and become a wacky racer, you can still register at the Expo on Friday from 3-9pm or Saturday from 9am-5:30pm. Online registration is now closed.
Either spectating or participating, this Active Stoner Hero hopes to see you out for the 10th Anniversary Colfax Marathon, Half-marathon, and 10 miler!

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