As an avid fan of Hash oil along with all types of concentrates I’m not surprised that Colorado is looking into recent increases in crimes related to the dab revolution that’s taking place not only in Colorado but all across the country. The attorney general’s office weighed in on the legality of hash oil after a spike in hospital visits and property damage over since the substance was available for consumption.



 Amendment 64 and what it does for recreational marijuana

“Amendment 64 expressly prohibits an individual from making marijuana oil and unfortunately, Colorado is experiencing a real public safety issue as a result of unsafe and unlicensed manufacturing and production.

The Blue Book made it clear that Amendment 64 allowed for the responsible and safe use of marijuana, so to decriminalize dangerous and unreasonable behavior in which people are getting hurt and houses are blowing up, defies the intent of the voters.”

Said the office in a recent press release.

Dabs: Effect on Colorado’s society

Over 26 citizens of Colorado have been charged with a felony for manufacturing marijuana concentrate since the start of 2015. Their latest method of containing the problem being the installment of licenses for any patrons who want to produce concentrates.

The only problem with this would be the fact that imposing such a measure might not be constitutional due to amendment 64. From the perspective of the citizens of Colorado it appears to be almost culture to enjoy the cultivation of Hash oil, Wax , and any other form of concentrates they can get their hands on, it’s simply a matter of the patrons of the state educating themselves on the proper way to create the substance.

With the freedom that comes from the legalization of Marijuana, a need to harvest substantial amounts of the plant became a common need for avid stoner’s.

I believe that it’s necessary for the Colorado pot community to come together in order to regulate the use of concentrates and stray away from losing the privilege of having such an abundance of the product.


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