The latest bill in a seemingly constant stream of constitutional corrections could make the lives of Colorado parolees a bit easier. House Bill 1276 would allow for medical pot parolees to puff while still on parole.

As House Representative Joe Salazar (D-Thornton) said after the unanimous committee decision “If it’s in the constitution, you should be allowed to use it on probation.”

The newly arisen bill passed its initial vote by the House Judiciary committee unanimously, 13-0 and will now move on to another committee vote before being presented before the general assembly of the House.

A similar bill passed in Arizona only two days prior to the proposal of House Bill 1276. Rhode Island and the U.S. Virgin Islands also already allow medical pot parolees the ability to partake while still on parole.
With so much public and capitol hill support, House Bill 1276 is expected to be enacted as early as July 1, 2015.

Potential for Abuse

One thing to watch in the months following House Bill 1276’s inevitable passing is the potential for widescale abuse of the law by parolees.
With the current price to acquire a medical “red card” only ~$15, even a parolee without a steady income could afford the chance to smoke while on parole.
Individuals supporting the bill feel medical marijuana should be available to everyone. It allows for relief from their medical conditions versus having to pay for expensive prescription most cannot afford at the current moment in their lives.

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