White Widow Shatter has always been a favorite for its effect and smell. The original marijuana strain has been around since the 90’s and has even won a Cannabis Cup award for its excellence.

Originally from South America and Sub-Indian regions this sativa strain flourishes in outdoor regions that’s environment is rich in moisture. The marijuana strain White Widow has been crossbred with a variety of different strains to create some amazing hybrids, Blue Widow and White Rhino to name a few.

This extract had a dull, hardwood color and was unfortunately auto-buddered, as certain strains are apt to do, by the time we reviewed it. It would work well in a vape pen in this state, though I preferred it off the domeless.

Even with a glowing hot nail, there was a clearly noticeable punky wood scent, like a wet fern forest. The vapor was full and expansive, and I had to prepare myself for the huge hits even a modest dab would make.

The effect left me energetic and ready to tackle the world which is not common when taking fat dabs, especially of some fire shatter like white widow. After reviewing the White Widow Shatter I have realized what makes this strain so famous anywhere you go.

My friends I definitely recommend you guys try out! If you had a bad experience with it or do not think highly of it let us know below.

White Widow Shatter Review
4.5Overall Score
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