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Founded by Aryn Sieber, a cancer patient with a premium medicinal cannabis mission, Cre-Edibles is a nonprofit medical cannabis collective that’s exactly what its name suggests: creative, credible medical edibles.

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Aryn’s Story

After being diagnosed with stage IVA squamish cell carcinoma of the head and neck following his volunteer work at Ground Zero in NY on 911, Aryn sought relief in the form of cannabis edibles since smoking cannabis was no longer an option, given his type of cancer. Six months later, he was shocked when he learned post-treatment that he’d miraculously entered “complete” remission. When he asked the doctors what they meant by “complete,” they said they couldn’t find any trace of the cancer whatsoever.

In the cancer groups where he found support, Aryn noticed a certain stigma that surrounded the conversation of cannabis use. Now, he says, “given this second chance at life, literally… my mission is to speak out loudly and proudly about his experience with cancer and cannabis by doing educational workshops and bringing the conversation about cannabis out of the shadows.”

Sadly, not everyone in the group has gotten a second chance. Two of the women in the group lost their battle, but not before further inspiring Aryn to march on with his mission to educate others and to provide quality pharmaceutical-grade dried flowers, edibles and CBD oils to those interested and in need.

Aryn’s father died of lung cancer at the age of 50, when radiation was known as the “best” method of treatment. He says that bringing the conversation about cannabis out into the light is critical to educating others about his experience and the potential for others.

“I’m not advocating for just medicinal use,” Aryn told us. “The conversation needs to address both sides of the ‘use and abuse’ equation. We need to start with the premise that there will always be some who abuse cannabis in the same way many abuse alcohol and prescription drugs. Let’s talk about the real issues.”

“It’s a shame people have to be scared to death — literally — to finally sit up and have this conversation,” he added.

We sat down with Aryn to get the details.

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DUNKSNDANK: Tell us your story.

ARYN: I’ve had my medicinal card for about eight years due to sports injuries and sleep deprivation. I’ve always been a very casual smoker of cannabis. But for me it was always about being a connoisseur.

I was diagnosed stage IVA… head and neck cancer on July 3rd, 2014 and on January 5th, 2015 I was told I was in “complete” remission. That’s nothing short of miraculous by most standards. In addition to the regiment of chemotherapy and radiation I consumed high-quality edibles and cannabidiol (CBD) oils: edibles for the nausea, pain and anxiety from the treatments and CBD oil for [the therapeutic effects].

I don’t know what did exactly what, but when doctors tell you that you’re in the last stage of cancer and you need immediate treatment and then six months later you’re told you’re in complete remission, it’s mind-boggling! Nothing feels real anymore. The first questions that came to mind were: What, really? And — why me?

The biggest hurdle is the impact on your psyche when you’re told you have cancer. When you learn that you have it, suddenly the end of life becomes the norm and permeates your mind, regardless of how positive you are. Our mind is a powerful thing; your senses are numbed and your mind is so twisted that life becomes surreal. Using cannabis over prescription meds is a clean and natural way to help me relax the mind. [For many people] it’s about “getting high” — but then, suddenly, it’s about your sanity. Cannabis becomes the thing that can bring you so much relief.

DUNKSNDANK: What’s the brand philosophy of Cre-Edibles?

ARYN: Our Syrup strain of medical grade cannabis won Best in Class, Indica Flower at southern California’s Kush Cup in 2014. The trim from our flowers is used exclusively to make our canna-coco (cannabis-coconut) oil, which is then used to make our Cre-Edibles.

Everything we make is tested by a reputable third party test lab; our flowers, canna-coco oil, infused fruit ingredients and, last but not least, the edibles themselves. This process is expensive but it ensures that we are producing the best consistent high-quality medical cannabis products for our collective members.

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Cre-Edibles won a 2014 Kush Cup for Best Indica Flower.

Our branding goal is to provide the affordable cognac of medical cannabis in different forms, for those in need and paying forward the honor of doing so. That in a nutshell is our concept and philosophy.

For example, we figured out a way to repurpose our high-quality “Always Fresh” containers while creating meaningful jobs in doing so. Customers will box and send back approximately 25 containers at a time, at our expense, in exchange for a nice discount on their next order. The containers will then be cleaned by a partnering non-profit that specializes in employing mentally challenged adults. Essentially, we’re recycling and creating meaningful work for people who are disadvantaged.

Get in touch

Find out more about Cre-Edibles or become a member-advocate! Check out their website at or shoot Aryn a message here. Be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter and like them on Facebook

And if you love what Aryn’s team is doing, become an active team member and help pay it forward. [All photos: Cre-Edibles]

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  1. John

    I love their golden harvest oatmeal! Tastes divine, and gives me a good night’s rest.

  2. Jeff

    No but those buds look like fire. Havent seen them at any of the dispensaries I go to. Anyone know where they sell their products

  3. Will

    HAs anyone heard of these guys. I know my friend tried and said it was good but I noticed they were kind of fancy and was thinking about trying them


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