It’s our favorite time of week again (and hopefully, also yours).

On Thursdays, we honor some of the most dedicated advocates we’ve seen in action via the Instagram cannabis community. And this week, we were lucky enough to chat with Lisa, who runs the dabbqueenn710 Instagram account.

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Many of the Girls of Instagram discovered Mary Jane and her potential for extreme, safe relaxation — then wanted to share their findings with others. Some are people who choose cannabis over prescription pills to treat chronic conditions like ADHD and Crohn’s disease.

And a common trait they all share is this: each of the advocates in our Girls of Instagram series is a beautiful person, inside and out, who wants to do good in the world by shining a spotlight on what cannabis has done for them.

Read our interview with Lisa, below, to find out exactly why she spends her days spreading the word about weed.


What inspires you to be a cannabis advocate?


Growing up I was always surrounded by people who smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol. I watched bad things happen to people that I loved like getting into fights, car accidents, ending up in jail etc. which lead me to not be into alcohol or cigarettes so when I would go to party’s or friends houses I would just chill while everyone was drunk and not having a good time.

I ended up in a relationship with someone who’s life evolved around cannabis like smoking growing and selling which is why I turned into such a cannabis lover because I finally found a group of people who could just sit at home, smoke and have a good time filled with laughs and munchies instead of our heads in the toilets feeling like crap the next day.


What’s your favorite strain/product/extract?

My favorite type of strain for cannabis right now is definitely “Stoney ranchs cookies” by @stoneyranch which is seriously the real deal if not even better! My mouth drops when I get my eyes and hands on this stuff! But I LOVE dabs and my favorite type is shatter!! Top extract artist right now is @liquid_extracts best stuff I’ve had no doubt.

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Tell us about the first time you smoked cannabis.

My first time smoking cannabis happened to be in vacaville, ca while I was at my grandparents visiting my ex boyfriend at the age of 13. Lol we were on the bike trail going for a walk and decided we wanted to smoke, but realized we had nothing to smoke out of except for an apple so we decided to use that. Luckily it came in handy after for a little munchie snack on our walk back home.

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In your opinion, what’s the best way for someone, whether or not they smoke, to advocate for legalization?


I think the best way for people to advocate for legalization is just to keep spreading the word on the positive information that cannabis does and not believe the crazy things people want to try and say are bad, and make you believe that cannabis isn’t safe for us when it’s probably the only safe thing out there for us.



What do you think the “weed world” will look like 10 years from now?

That’s definitely a good question and something that can go both ways good or bad. In my eyes and heart I can only hope we continue to move forward with legalization and giving people the proper medicine that they need.

It’s time to bring everybody together with this amazing plant that helps so many different types of people in this world.

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