To a longtime smoker of marijuana flowers, dabs may seem confusing — or downright intimidating.

But there’s no need to be weirded out by the progressive new trend in the cannabis world. Dabs are simply a more concentrated preparation of the plants you’ve been toking for decades, and they’re not hard to find.

Available in most medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, “dabs” can include wax, hash, butane honey oil, and CO2 extracts.

No one of these products is necessarily more effective than its peers, but each comes with different characteristics. For example, most CO2 extracts include fewer solvents and other impure residues, which means many patients consider them a cleaner, safer high.

Dabs almost always get you higher than a plain ol’ joint, which can be both good and bad. Good if you’re hanging out at home and won’t need to operate any heavy machinery; not so good if you’ve never done a dab before trying it out at the dispensary. (Of course, not all of these things apply to people who dab on the regular.)


There are a few ways you can smoke your dabs, and different people find different methods to be superior. I love to vape ’em out of a vape pen, while plenty of stoners love dabbing from an oil rig. But dabs can also be added to a bowl of flowers, then smoked out of a pipe or a bong — they’re a versatile product.

While it’s legal to buy dabs if you’re 18+ and qualified as a medical marijuana patient — or if you live in one of four US states where recreational use is A-ok — making them isn’t always so clear-cut, so if you’re thinking about starting your own lab, be sure to check out local safety regulations, and never try to make concentrates in your apartment or home. (Or your bro’s apartment or home.) Let’s not forget all the DEA busts that went down over the last month.

Do you dab? What do you use for dabs? What’s your favorite kind of dab? I wanna hear from you all in the comments section below!


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