You may know Damian Lillard from his skills on the court for the Portland Trailblazers but Damian is nice on the mic as well!

From growing up in the city of Oakland to making NBA history, Damian Lillard is back on Sway in the Morning.
After dropping the illest freestyle over the classic Dead Presidents beat, Lillard opened up about giving back to his Bay Area community and why he prefers cameras to not be around.


Interestingly enough, Dame and Sway went to the same High School — Oakland High — and had more in common than we thought.

[Source: Youtube]

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  1. John j

    This dude is the Truth much respect for his philanthropy, balling skills,
    rap skills and positivity…

  2. Cameron Bradshaw

    Damian is my favorite player NBA got so much respect underrated big time

  3. Flex Forem

    Lmao I really Jaden smith really has one pair of shoes. Every pic well new
    pic he’s wearin same shoes different clothes lol

  4. Blitz Pompeii

    It’s hard to say what’s better him on the court , him as a rapper or him as
    a person 

  5. Imsquarebidness

    Die hard mavs fan but I fux wit lillard doe dude underrated especially bein
    in the west 

  6. purplecity2714

    I like lillard he really won me over during the playoffs against the
    rockets but he never looks happy I swear him and derrick rose have the same
    look all the time rose looks bored and lillard looks pissed 

  7. MrMhj26

    Mr Sutton history teacher at Oakland high was my favorite teacher! Real

  8. Nicholas Gordon

    I’m definitely a fan of this dude now. He shows out on the court, but he’s
    mad humble. Plus dude can actually spit. I need to see him and Lance
    Stephenson battle lol

  9. Habeev07

    So cool Damian. Your a superstar on and off the court. OAKLAND and PORTLAND
    are proud!


  10. MikeHunt

    He personifies the term professional. He’s great on and off the court. He
    doesn’t forget where he came from. He realizes that he is blessed, and some
    things are bigger than the game of basketball. I respect those that do
    charity off camera. Because those NBA Cares commercials are probably the
    fakest most staged things I’ve ever seen. Another name that comes to mind
    is John Wall. Remember a few weeks back when he lost this little girl he
    met through charity to cancer? She was 6 years old. He spent as much time
    with her and her family as he possibly could. Once he lost her, he went out
    the next day and balled in a double overtime game. He dropped like 26 and
    13, and after he dedicated that game to her, he broke down crying, unable
    to finish the post-game interview. Dame going back to Oakland to take care
    of those who helped him is a reminder that there are still good people out
    there, and that it is more than a game. 

  11. Medius Bowen

    Bruh!!! “Think of me next time you go to the bathroom” Lmaooo I’m dying XD

  12. tomwatson1

    “Went back to the drawing board” – he drew up a plan to break Blake
    Griffons ankle.

  13. thug8200

    we from the same area brah i felt everything he was saying and it’s all

  14. Ryan Alleyne

    Just Mae a little mix tape 5 tracks, call it starting 5. And I’ll be set 

  15. Dan G

    he’s black hes good at basketball hes good at rapping why ya’ll act so
    surprised fo’??

  16. Raw Thoughtz

    “I get tired of all these frauds, claiming they gods” – Sway Calloway

  17. TayGod

    Top five cereal

    Reese’s puffs
    Cap’n Crunch
    Golden Grahams
    Honey Bunch’s Of Oats (Almond)
    Lucky Charms

  18. Black Lip Pastor

    Now I know if this nigga Marshawn Lynch comes on Sway he’s gonna be
    spitting about committing a home invasion 

  19. Da Kid Gowie

    He IS NOT the best rapper in the NBA. He’s one of the best in the rap game,
    PERIOD! Subject matter is extremely rare is music today.

  20. Brandyn Best

    Friends falling like leaves and it autumn. That verse right there got me
    into it


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