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Damien Lilliard is having an amazing season including making the NBA All-Star Game for the first time in his career. We got some of the fans top 10 highlights from his 1st year in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers.

These NBA highlights are a collection of the NBA’s premiere plays from around the League. Do you agree with our collection of Damian Lillard’s Top 10 Highlights of his Rookie Year? Let us hear below if the fans got it right?

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  1. John

    that kid is a beast. Wonder why LA felt it wasn’t worth staying portland with him.

  2. Phatooine

    Oh you showed him… not! Like I’ve said before, anybody can throw insults
    around. The key is to have merit behind it so it actually looks like the
    person you’re insulting is stupid. I love that I’m talking over your head
    and watch you continue to make yourself look stupid and how you’re too
    fucking arrogant to see it. Keep talking!!!

  3. bunrraa

    Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Rookie-Year Achievements: 1. 2012-13 – Rookie
    of the year (4th Unanimous in NBA history) 2. 2012-13 – All-Rookie First
    Team 3. 2012-13 – Taco Bell Skills Challenge Champion 4. 2012- 13 – Summer
    League MVP *Most 3 points made by a Rookie- 185 made passing Stephen
    Curry’s 167 *With 23 points & 11 assists in his NBA debut, Damian Lillard
    joined Oscar Robertson & Isiah Thomas as only players in NBA history with
    at least 20 points and 10 assists in an NBA debut.

  4. Olger Oeselg

    Portland absolutely nailed with picking Lillard, I think he has all it
    takes to be future greateness people all over the world will envy and

  5. Andre Finn

    See kids, this is the benefit of staying in college for four years as
    opposed to going to NBA after one year ending up being just as immature as
    you were in high school.

  6. wavypool

    Thing is Lillard wouldn’t have been able to do what he did if he didn’t
    come to Portland, the whole basketball thing in RIPcity is much deeper than
    anywhere else its a channel for the 9 months of gloom out there, but it’s
    Dame City now

  7. Jamie Murphy

    Gotta love a buzzer beater in your debut season. Love that dunk at #4 too.
    #Lillard #rookieoftheyear

    Damian Lillard’s Top 10 Plays of his Rookie Year

  8. That70sGamer1

    When he hits his prime he’s gonna kick ass even more than he is now

  9. keegancooke

    Check me out 2014 point guard out of Canada! Tell me what you think

  10. Adam Morrison

    Nr.9 traveled 2 times lebron style, Nr.7 he took 3 steps? “highlights”

  11. Alvaro Ruiz Gomez

    in 1:05 he travels, still a great play from a great player

  12. Brett Morin

    After Friday’s game, 5-2-13, the Number One play DEFINITELY needs to be

  13. luis110274

    #2 WOW

    and they guy beneath is wrong it could be: Rose=Westbrook+Lillard.

  14. Blazerfan4life

    He’s the future of the NBA. I just hope that he stays a Blazer for his
    whole career. GO BLAZERS!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TeamPill

    y’all don’t realize that people travel in the NBA all the fucking time….
    The ref’s are paid to let that shit go for the audience entertainment


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