DC Collective in Canoga Park is one of the longer standing dispensaries around. They have built a reputation around the community as being a top weed dispensary with everything you could possibly want. So I decided to check it out and lets just say I was not disappointed.

The marijuana disdcmedroompensiary is located off in some industrial area that can be kind of confusing to get to. Anyways when I arrived they were pretty busy so it took some time to go through the signup process but once I got in I realized how and why they had that reputation. The medication room was massive and they had a huge variety of everything.

So I started off with my typical indicas and I must say I was pretty impressed. They were sticky and smelt amazing. The best part of this place is all 8ths were $35 and dont let that prices fool you. I have seen places charge $50+ for quality that was not half as good as this place.

Overall I was really impressed with this place, the tenders were knowledgable, the quality was amazing and the prices were great. The only complaint I can think of is the location, but it is definitely worth the hassle of getting here once your inside. My only suggestions is buy a decent amount when you come so you do not have to make more than 1 trip every couple weeks. The contact info is listed below:

DC Collective
8053 Deering Ave.
Canoga Park, CA, 91304

Hours: 10-8 everyday

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