For the first ever Denver dispensary review at DunksnDank, we want you to close your eyes and imagine the quintessential dispensary. For us, it’s a seemingly rough exterior with bars on the windows and one half-lit sign that opens onto gorgeous, dark-stained hardwood floors and large glass cases filled with flower once you walk in. Denver Kush Club nails it.

Location, Location, Location

Situated in historic 5 points in Denver, the Kush Club exterior facade only mimics the adjacent old architecture, in order to fit in to the community without standing out…too much.  So don’t let it put you off. Once you walk in the budtenders’ smiling faces alongside the spotless interior floor to ceiling will make you forget this area was once the ‘other side of the tracks’ – if you catch the drift. In the past few years, however, 5 points has been re-energized and gentrified into a more-than-up-and-coming neighborhood destination. And the Kush Club has aided in the restoration every step of the way. Now, a quick trip up to the 25th & Welton stop on the D-line train finds cannabis consumers right at the Kush Club front door. The more traffic the Kush Club gets, the more money can be turned around and put back into the community it serves. Everyone wins.


Become a Member, Save Some $$$

Even if you only plan on checking out the Kush Club once in a blue- or in this case green – moon, still sign up to become a member. It’s free, no annoying emails or calls (unless you want them) and you instantly save 10%. This includes the purchase when signing up!

If you’re one of those who’s afraid of any type of commitment, you can still save at the Kush Club by picking up a Westword magazine at one of dozens of local locations in Denver and the surrounding area. While the Kush Club does not have weekly deals like some dispensaries (boo), there is a different daily deal available each day at the Kush Club. You can find a list of these deals on the back page of the aforementioned Westword.


Now I’d like to take a little time to introduce myself. My name is Coit, and I’m addicted to snowboarding. I ride a 2014 Burton ‘Blunt’ so it’s only right that I rep some local dispensaries’ stickers when I shred. This is where I gotta give big ups to the Kush Club. It is the only sticker still remaining on my board from the beginning of the season. As a normal Coloradan, I visit lots of dispensaries, and I always grab a sticker or two when I do (it’s fine, I ask first). The beautifully basic DKC sticker is the only one that has lasted where others have failed, sometimes in a day of riding or less.

So, bonus points for DKC for having sticky stickers. The free advertising is the least I can do in exchange for the sweet, sweet buds you have provided me over the past couple years.

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