If you’ve ever visited a medical marijuana dispensary, or hell, visited California, you’ve probably had a peek at the extensive offerings when it comes to cannabis extracts.

It can be a little overwhelming to look down that menu. And pretty much everyone has wondered: what’s the difference, anyway, between shatter and wax? Hash and dabs? All of these things and weed?

Let’s take a moment to break it down.


This crystalline form of cannabis comes about as a direct result of being moved around. Just like butter, which takes its form from being shaken or whipped, wax finds its solid shape from heat and motion.

Wax marijuana can be very potent and contain higher amounts of THC compared to flowers. Budder is another form of wax that many marijuana users prefer to use. Also wax is when the cannabinoids are separated from the terpenes.



Each producer has his method of achieving the perfect wax. You can talk to a grower in California that prefers butane while a grower in Washington D.C. will prefer to keep their wax at a lower temperature when allowing it to cool down.

It’s not any more or less pure than other marijuana extracts, but it’s certainly much easier to pack into a vape pen or toss on top of a bowl.


One of the oldest forms of cannabis concentrate, hash (or hashish) can be made in several ways. One of the easiest, which you can do right at home, is simply rubbing nugs on your hands until you begin to collect sticky kief and oils.


Finger hash, though, is probably not the most efficient method of making concentrates, though it does date back the longest (to ancient India). Today, it’s processed with either chemicals, freezing water (that allows makers to collect the potent trichomes).

A more potent version of has comes in the form of full-melt hash.

Why is full-melt hash better?

Going through the extended heating process get you a higher THC level then compared to regular hash. Taking you to that additional high. the best part is it is not much more then your standard hash. Wax and Shatter can have steep prices but full melt is just as strong and more affordable.

It’s commonly found in places like Amsterdam, but is rarer in American medical/recreational marijuana states. The few places I have seen it were in PRE-ICO clinics in the Los Angele area and that was about 5-6- years ago.

If your willing to do some searching on weedmaps, it will be worth the journey!


One of the purest marijuana extract, shatter is shiny and brown like amber, but it’s virtually the same stuff as wax, just in a different form — much like water, ice, and steam.

Being one of the purest extracts available you can expect the price to reflect. This form of marijuana concentrates could achieve prices of $60 or $70 per gram.


This version may be a little harder to add to joints or bowls, but you can roll it up and stick it in a vape without much issue.

People sometimes call it sap, because of the honey like effect in color and feel. Last time I checked everybody could use some honey sweetness. That’s exactly what Shatters offer is that sweet effect that you do not get with smoking marijuana.


Dabs are more of an umbrella term, meaning any kind of marijuana extract that counts as BHO. The making of BHO, or butane hash oil, basically involves any of the above processes — chemicals, agitation, or the finger method — and its most important characteristic is that it be a kind of oil.

With so many difference versions of each concentrate, finding the right strain to test out can be difficult. Dabs are growing in popularity because of their effects but keep in mind when purchasing your dabs or concentrates to consider the method used to produce these marijuana concentrates.

While butane is one of the most popular their might be alternatives in terms of the dabs side effects. Check out some of the production methods to learn more

So in short, any extracts you toke up with count as dabs.

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