It’s no secret Denver’s RiNo district is experiencing a monumental increase in population and industry, alike. With such a meteoric rise in the north Denver district, RiNo is quickly becoming a local favorite for a night out. And no Colorado night out would be complete without a trip to the dispensary. Buddy Boy Brands is there for med and, as a first, rec customers 7 days a week. 

Of Course, Denver dispensaries are never far from anywhere, much less a trending locale. In this dispensary review: Buddy Boy Brands makes its first venture to the rec side of the booming Colorado cannabis industry, sneaking into the northeast corner of RiNo at 38th and Walnut.

The location is a bit tricky at what is basically the convergence of the two Denver grids, which could explain why it’s so quiet inside. Great news for those still wishing to shop where they can remain under the radar, for whatever the reason. No judgment. We get it.

Easy Access

As tough as locating Buddy Boy – Walnut on a map is, once inside the lack of…anyone besides the budtenders and security makes for a quick and easy slip to behind door number one. In the short time before doing so, the security guard graciously lets us investigate his Surface 3. A nice little ‘above and beyond’ moment.

The meat maket-style paper number accompanying IDs upon their return was unexpected, and a bit wasteful by todays standards, but the timely flow to the product area more than made up for such an oddity. The FOH’s kindness made it barely a blip on the radar.

Brandishing Brands


The evidence of 6 previously successful med shops is everywhere at uddy Boy Brands - Walnut.

The evidence of 6 previously successful med shops is everywhere at uddy Boy Brands – Walnut.

With a wide array of products dominating the walls and sight lines of the brick backroom, Buddy Boy makes no qualms about self promotion. Who’s blames ’em? The financial backing of six medical dispensaries around Denver quite literally affords Buddy Boy the chance to do exactly what they are doing.

Beyond the branding, the open display of marijuana flower strain caches in airtight Tupperware behind the budtenders was a unique touch. Budtenders also donned medical gloves, another unique touch seen more often than the previous, but still not always seen.

Fair People, Fair Price

No surprises, the “sure touch my brand new Surface” kindness people have prices equally kind on the wallet. Even if they don’t exactly know it.

An 1/8th was first quoted at $42.xx upon first ask, but actually rang up at only $38.10 at the end of the transaction. The budtender also quoted the Primus – Indica at 41% THC, when in reality it was 0.41%, which is typical (also contained 15.54% THCA). If his intention was to compliment the quality, he was correct, so pass given.

Like so many red shops just starting out, Buddy Boy – Walnut is cash only, despite the previous med success. No matter, the chill people, atmosphere, and price make a trip to the ATM worth it. Literally.

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