Sometime you want to go where every bud will cost the same. Good Chem(isty) on Colfax is just that place.

If the theme song from Cheers is not stuck in your head now, you’re probably too young to check out dispensaries legally, so Good Chem is not for you. If instead, visions of portly mailmen and businessmen sipping a brew from a tall, lanky, goofy bartender are running through your mind currently and you’re wishing you could find a local place just like the one in Cheers, then Good Chem IS for you!

Colfax Coloradans Come to Good Chem

Nestled quietly between a framing shop and a comic book store on Denver’s infamous Colfax avenue, Good Chemistry is where the locals buy buds. Why do so many rec and med tokers choose Good Chem as their dispensary of choice? It’s simple. Every bud in stock is the same price all day, every day, only $30 per 1/8th!
Additionally, that also means only $60 per 1/4, $120 per 1/2 and $240 per OZ (pre-tax)! Locals choose Good Chem because it doesn’t require any coupon cutting or internet searching to get a good price on high quality smoke.
Moreover, Good Chem is great for a quick stop before a show at one of the many concert halls on Colfax and in the surrounding area. Just stop in, grab a pre-rolled joint for only $8, and still make the opener. You won’t find a more cost effective pre-roll in town.

Top Notch ‘Tenders

Sure, sure, every dispensary claims to have the best budtenders in the state, but at Good Chem, they very well actually might have them. It’s what makes going to Good Chem so memorable. The staff is friendly, engaging, funny and knowledgeable. Apparently, when you work at a shop on Colfax Ave. you see some crazy sh*t, and even crazier people.
At their core, the staff is probably just happy to see you because you’re not that guy on the corner asking for change while cleaning his toes with a butter knife. But even he could afford Good Chem’s everyday prices.


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