In the current Colorado cannabis climate, dispensaries must do something to set themselves above the rest. For High Level Health on 9th ave. and Lincoln, that something is good flower prices…if you have the coupons.

Rather than separating the front reception area from the flower selection with a sealed entryway like most dispensaries, High Level Health creates more of an intimate feel with an open floor plan. With a large plasma screen constantly bumping live music to further uplift the mood.

Between the two elements of intimacy, High Level Health creates a very relaxing purchasing experience.

Live(ish) Music & Good Bud

Typically, if previously recorded live music on the big screen is the first and biggest impression of a dispensary, that’s a red flag. High Level Health makes it work by pairing the relaxing reception station with good music.

Many times, if you wish you were at whatever the current weekend’s music festival, High Level Health is the place to be.
Now only if you could smoke inside the shop, as well, and the ambiance would be complete. As it is, two out of three isn’t bad.

Open Wide

Despite being in the shadow of a Denver high rise, High Level Health utilizes what natural light streams in to the utmost.

There’s no hiding behind blackout window, here. High Level Health is a proud dispensary, and not scared to show that fact off to the heavy traffic of Lincoln Ave.
Open a Westword to further enhance the HLH experience. For Colorado residents, ounces can go for as cheap as $120. That’s medical prices for recreational customers, but only if you know where to find the coupons like a true Denver, Colorado native.


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