When it comes to uniting a community music always seems to do the job. This past weekend many joined together at the NOS Center in San Bernardino to vibe to the music of Dizzy Wright, Berner, Futuristic and Freddie Gibbs to name a few of the artists that were there.

Dizzy is currently on his Growing Process Tour and has been all across the nation playing for audiences that cant get enough of his music. A newer artist out of Las Vegas, La’Reonte aka Dizzy is growing by the day in popularity. He is earning respect from amazing artists and new fans.

Among the musicians were a variety of community members that were out to support the cause and create awareness about cannabis and the community. OG Raskal genetics a Los angeles based company who is actively involved was set-up with their partners at Mr. B Extracts.
Over the years a stigma has developed about marijuana users and the negative effects of using marijuana. While this stigma may be true for some it is definitely changing and events like the 710 and Cannabis Cup are helping people realize that those stigmas are not entirely true and be a source of medication for many.

Marijuana still being researched and scientists are learning more and more of the pros and cons of it. May people young and old have benefited from the use of medicinal marijuana. So as more real life situations arise people’s predetermined notions about marijuana can change and The 710 is a great example of it.

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