Dizzy Wright sits down with HotNewHipHop and talks about his influences and how he comes up with his raps and preferred cannabis strains to smoke. Dizzy Wright is an up and coming rapper that is getting recognized for his talent. Check out what he is all about in the interview below.

HotNewHipHop (HNHH) sits down with Dizzy Wright on set of his “Fashion” music video where he talks about his favorite strain of weed, his Mom’s lyrical influence, the benefits of being with an independent label and more.


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25 Responses

  1. Infamé Linen'

    This is kind of interesting b/c most of these kids will look up to some
    sort of hero in their community especially music wise. And these rappers
    will sell you a lifestyle which comes with the word nigga. Meaning they
    will let a word define what they do smoke, drink, shoot guns, etc. Sad
    thing most of these rappers dont do what they claim. And since they
    associated the word nigga with their lifestyle people will get to judge
    black people for any bad actions coming from any ethicity. Dont get me
    wrong same thing goes with Latino communities

  2. Caleb Nathan

    when they show the pictures of him and his daughter dizzy looks like wiz

  3. Samantha Duran

    hes named dizzy for a reason lol man stay high 247 shiittt i aint mad at ya
    dizzy just mad i cant be on ya level like that damn..

  4. Some Kinda Creature Cat

    “No time soon… No time soon…” *Random ass smile* dis nigga was high as
    shit! XD

  5. Orlando Torres

    She’s so fucking awkward… but anyways Dizzy you my nigga, you stay zooted

  6. Eric Chevalier

    Dizzy Wright is a Young Khalifa. Those 2 need to hook up cause that shit
    would be fire.


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