Medical Uses of Marijuana
Cannabis is something many people associate as a recreational drug rather than a form of treatment. However, it has been proven to really help with a number of conditions. It’s actually one of the 50 fundamental herbs listed in Chinese Medicine and when you start to look into it you soon realise why. Its medical benefits have even made it legal in some parts of America.
What conditions can cannabis be helpful for?

The main conditions cannabis is used to treat include:
Crohns Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
The above is just a short list of the ways cannabis can be used medically. Research has been carried out to determine just how effective the drug is at helping the body. It’s been found that the molecules in cannabis react with the receptors in the body to create an almost euphoric state. This basically dulls the senses and eases symptoms associated with the diseases mentioned above. The molecules are known as endocannabinoids and they are particularly beneficial to those suffering with cancer.

How marijuana helps cancer patients
There are a few ways marijuana can be used to help those suffering with cancer. Firstly it can really help to reduce nausea. Anybody who has ever gone through chemotherapy will testify just how horrible it can be. It’s not uncommon to experience extreme sickness and that can make life really difficult and unpleasant. Cannabis can help to eliminate this nausea and make life more comfortable.
It’s also been show to slow down the growth of some types of cancer. In breast cancer for example, it’s thought that cannabis can prevent the cancer spreading by preventing activity in the ID1 gene. The drug has even shown to return cancer cells back to a normal, healthy state. While it certainly isn’t advised that you stop treatment and rely solely upon cannabis to treat the condition, it can help to reduce symptoms and make life more bearable.
Where can you get it?
Even though medical marijuana is legal in many states, you still can’t get it on prescription. You will need a doctor’s written recommendation. There are various dispensaries that provide medical marijuana and it’s available in different forms. For example, there are cookies, smoothies and butter that all contain the drug. Or you can buy seeds to grow your own. It’s worth keeping in mind that there are laws determining how much cannabis you can grow at home. It’s currently six plants and only three of them can be mature and flowering at any one time.
Overall marijuana is excellent at treating various conditions. It’s much safer than a lot of other medications and that’s why more and more US states are legalizing the drug each year. It’s important to do your research before you start any new treatments. While it can be beneficial, there are also some potential negative side effects that you may suffer from. Be aware of both the pros and cons of the drug before you decide whether or not it is right for you.

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    Take into consideration that reports from Colorado boast a million dollars
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    why it’s up to every state to legalize cannabis for medical and personal
    use. It’s our states rights were fighting for but in the full scope of it
    all it’s countless patients lives that can be saved.

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