The Clippers offseason is reminiscent of some of LA’s notorious offseason’s. It started off with them chasing down DeAndre Jordan after he left them for the Dallas mavericks in Free Agency to signing veterans Paul Pierce and Josh Smith.

Josh Smith came over the league’s minimum after the Rockets offered him an slightly higher amount. The 11 year veteran has been on a roller coaster over the past few years. He was not able to gel with Monroe in Detroit and it did not seem like him and Dwight were playing that well together either.

Would you take a risk in the veteran big man? Josh Smith has not been the best lately but he does provide that veteran mentality and he can offer Chris Paul another perimeter shooter. It seems like he will be coming off the bench behind Blake Griffin. So averaging 12.4 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.3 assists in 27.7 minutes should be enough for the Clippers.

The Clippers are making a serious push this offseason to bring in veterans at the small and power forward position. With Chris Paul’s basketball IQ is this what the Clippers needed the whole time? Blake Griffin is becoming a dominant force in the middle while improving his jumper. Defenders can no longer sit back on the athletic big man and try to force him to shoot because he will only hit those 15 footers all day now.

The real question is if the Clippers have put together the perfect squad and Doc Rivers can lead them will they win the championship? If they do before the Lakers do again will you switch over the Clippers?

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