The 2015 NBA Finals saw a Cleveland Cavaliers missing their key name starters Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. As you can expect some are coming out and saying if there were healthy it would have been a different story.

Kyrie Irving who got injured in the first game of the Finals with his younger mentality came out and is saying that the Cavs would have won if K Love and him were not injured. It always seems when teams are missing players due to injuries somebody wants to come out and use that as an excuse.
In a recent conversation with Bleacher Report he shared his thoughts:

I’m more or less the voice of reason. I’m always gonna be a straight shooter with everyone and give them my honest opinion. Obviously, we had a great thing in Cleveland. We dealt with everything together. I felt like we would have definitely won an NBA championship if everyone was healthy. But almost doesn’t count.

Unfortunately basketball is a team sport and you have deal with injuries. The Spurs and Popovich never used injuries as an excuse when they would lose in the Finals like a few years back in 2013. So for Kyrie to come out and use that an excuse is a just him growing. Im sure LeBron will end up guiding him in the right way and he will learn from this experience on how to prepare better.

Just in case anybodyw as wondering what the Warriors Splash Bros had to say:

That tweet by Jacob Bourne perfectly describes how anyone would feel after they just won the NBA Championship. The Warriors had an amazing team, they were well prepared and played excellent team ball which would of been difficult for the Cavs no matter what because of their lack of experience of playing together.

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