Has anyone ever given you the side eye for smoking weed?

Then you, like I, have probably wondered why some people look down on stoners.

It’s all about societal bias.

When I was a teenager, my parents, my teachers, and even my indoctrinated friends warned me never to smoke weed.

Nobody ever claimed that our favorite green plant would kill us, but many adults talked about “kids who smoke pot” in a negative light. And from the ’80s and ’90s onward, anti-nicotine campaigns probably also pre-biased quite a few people.

Basically, most people are primed to start out anti-cannabis. Unless they grow up in Santa Cruz.

The health effects just aren’t comparable

Again and again, studies show that cannabis is in no way linked to long-term breathing problems (although short-term irritation is unfortunately a thing). No evidence was found that cannabis could cause cancer, but plenty of intel from the 420 community suggests that it may help to treat it.

With cigarettes, though, the prognosis is dark: causing 480k+ deaths every year in the United States, smoking tobacco increases one’s risk for heart disease, cardiac events, stroke, cancer, and pretty much everything else under the sun.

Especially considering that cigs don’t come with any health benefits, I see no reason why pot smokers should get a worse rap than “cancer sticks.”

Of course, in a perfect world, nobody should be judging anybody at all.

Such a world, I imagine, would involve a whooole lot of marijuana.

Hey, I’m sure we can achieve it… someday.


[Image: Photobucket via /u/crazyuzu]

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