The guys from Dude perfect are back and showing off some of their new basketball trick shots. This they are in Virginia looking for some crazy shots.


We had an absolute blast making this video! Built on 10,000 acres in beautiful mountainous West Virginia, the Summit might literally be the coolest place ever. Click here for a special behind the scenes look at how this video shoot went down!!

Brodie Smith challenges Dude Perfect to see who has the best basketball trick shots.

25 Responses

  1. solum Icecast

    <3 OH my gosh you guys went to the National Boy Scout Jamboree site The
    Summit. I went there for a week and loved every moment. I started watching
    your video and Love it. I wish you guys luck on the rest and upcoming
    videos you are making. 

  2. aj lemay

    great video. please check out my trickshots too it would mean a lot thanks

  3. Bernardo Jimenez

    Dude their accuracy is crazy!!! I think they all have aimbot equipped

  4. jakob krautloher

    Can somebody tell me, how the Can Do THIS? ??? Is THIS Talent or science or


    you should do a all panda video because panda dosn’t get a lot of shots 

  6. YouTube Dude

    Tyler two things one im in Troop 17 and second im going to be a instructor
    for a gun club here in a few months and I’m just a 13 year old for Shotgun
    Rifles Pistoles I challenge you a shotgun clay pigeon match

  7. pontiacGXPfan

    these guys have way too much time on their hands. But then again, I’m
    watching them on YouTube so what does that say about me?

  8. Dude Perfect

    Things are getting EXTREME!!
    NEW Video is officially LIVE! Enjoy Extreme Trick Shots!

  9. josh caskey

    dude, you guys should come to Calgary,Alberta,Canada. we have the best
    mountains ever for trick shoting. but come in the summer, in the winter its
    too cold but its super pretty in the winter, your choice. :)


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