The War on Marijuana is seeming to come to an end. Officials from the Atty Gen. office have stated with current DEA Chief stepping down recent turmoil. Chuck Rosenberg is expected to focus “more on the reclassifying and declassification of marijuana” versus “the growers and sellers” according to the official.

This news is whats been expected as the marijuana legalization movement has greatly progressed. States such as Colorado have taken the initiative to change. States such as Washington are running into complications. The Seattle Hight Times Cannabis Cup was recently canceled and the Nor Cal High Times in California just launched it Cannabis Cup for June 20, 2015.

A lot of potential vendors and customers were complaining about the short notice but High Times has had much success with the event and everyone in the community will be excited about it. The new administrator, Rosenberg will be responsibly for helping the Atty Gen. in the reclassification process and his recent positions in the FBI show his administrative skills.

The legalization of Marijuana is taking all of us for a ride right now as state after state are legalizing it or creating a bill leading toward some variance of legalization. The positive movement coming out of the industry is helping marijuana advocates to grow awareness about the benefits of the plant which at one point was thought to be as bad as meth and heroin.

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