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Music: “Eye On It” by TobyMac
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Big thanks to the DP crew for making #2 happen! Can’t wait for #3!
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Skate Park Info – Skating Panda Not Included ­čÖé
1002 Lonestar Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75050
(972) 262-4479

Special thanks to Prosper High School for letting us use their gym/ other gym/ indoor field/ outdoor field! ­čÖé

25 Responses

  1. Nicholas Johnson

    [shot goes in] “Yeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!” [frisbee goes in] “Let’s goooooo!!” ->
    Repeat ´╗┐

  2. Jeremiah Sangco

    Does brodie smith secretly play basketball damn swishes all day´╗┐

  3. Aaron Lin

    How are they making these shots? Is it like this is for entertainment where
    they edited this. Or they just keep trying till they make the shot lol.

  4. George Hou

    Isn’t it weird that there is more than 4 million views and Broodie isn’t
    even up to 1 million subscribers?´╗┐

  5. Antonio Hazelton

    Do a trick shot from one end zone to the other end zone in Houston´╗┐

  6. Noha Gaming

    How come Gareth Bale said his name is Brodie Smith, and chucked frisbees

  7. Ricardo Gonzalez III

    Hey dude perfect I’m YOUR BIG EAST FAN OF ALL TIME I saw all of dude
    perfect videos and yall should do a give away for nerf sports soccer balls
    and pingballs yall are the best trick shooters of all time make sure to
    keep making more videos and more ping pong trick shots to I like yall guys
    so much because yall do amazing trick shots too I try to do some trick
    shots I mostly do what yall do because when I was 5 years old I would put
    YouTube on the TV and see yall do trick shots yall guy’s are amazing and

  8. Christopher Magno

    this is really amazing, wish I can do trickshots like that ´╗┐


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