In a boundary-testing video from, former police officers smoke weed for the first time in decades — and they love it.

“The last time I smoked was probably in 1968, when I was in college,” says one in the sequel to “Grandmas Smoking Weed For the First Time,” another eye-opening video from Cut.

After they hit the bong (amid coughing and laughter), the ex-cops try out a few field sobriety tests and tell us their stories.

“Have you ever arrested anyone for marijuana?” the interviewer asks, and the mood grows sober. But not all is doom and gloom. “You know, I thought about that a lot,” says one former officer. “As far as I can remember, I never arrested anyone for it. But I did take a lot of pot away from people.”

This video just goes to show that we shouldn’t judge people by their professions — even when they’re law enforcement officers.

It also goes to show that cannabis can truly be a constructive drug, bringing people together and helping them understand one another. Watch the fascinating footage below.

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