For the longest time NBA front-runners have tied in closely with Hip Hop Heavy weights. Whether it’s hanging court side or making an appearance on the set of the latest club banger of a music video, basketball and rap definitely go hand and hand. It’s pretty clear to see that the lifestyles of the most luxurious ballers are pretty similar to that of you chart topping, Grammy winning radio wonder’s so were out to pair up celebrity athletes with music greats so we can really see who might be on their level.

Its fair to say that the fast whips and huge mansions that these handsomely paid superstars are pushing reassure their skills on the court or behind the mic. It’s even gotten to the point where some of the key players in the NBA such as Metta World Peace are kick starting their rap careers which was only a matter of time due to their high priced salaries and frivolous lifestyles


Ludacris & Metta World Peace

It’s no surprise that the Baller turned rapper was caught kicking a few bars with the infamous Ludacris.


Snoop Dogg & Allen Iverson

I never really expected this stoney character to be kicking it with Allen Iverson but here they look like their enjoying a dope night away from the Mic and the court.




2 Chainz & Kobe Bryant

Known to be chillin court side with some of the NBA’s greatest would be 2 Chainz of course, check out his meet up with Kobe which was sealed with a smooth dap.




Drake & Kevin Durant

Of course Drake is the first one to be in and out of the locker rooms or court side when it comes to hanging with the leagues to players.




Tyler, the Creator & Metta World Peace

Last but not least, Metta World Peace got a candid picture with Tyler The Creator not too long ago, just look at that smile!




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  1. Rick Bookard

    Drake always got that smile every time hes with an NBA superstar. Guess your never too old to get excited


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