Almost nothing is as terrible as that moment when you realize that you’re stoned, and there’s nothing good to eat in the house.
Sure, you have oatmeal. Sure, you have vegetables. Sure, you have some lean meat or whatever. But I’m talking about food.

It’s times like these that the only way out is to get inspired — majorly inspired — by some fresh, sickeningly bad-for-you fare.

After all, foodporn is the whole point of Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, right?

And BTW — this kind of “porn” is completely safe for work. So feast your eyes with abandon. You’re welcome!


Get in my belly!



Fruit pops that aren’t even bad for you.






This freakin’ burger



I’m TOO hungry for this



So simple… and yet, so decadent



Say “yes” to donuts






Have we died and gone to heaven?



These CAN’T be real



The Monster knows what’s up



All the fruits you could ever want…



Hands down, the best way to use a Mason jar


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