Munchies are one of the best parts of getting high. Not only are you in a happy, silly world where nothing bad exists, but the food there also tastes way better.

Still, there’s that little issue of decisions. How can you possibly eat — and enjoy — everything that crosses your mind? It’s impossible, not to mention unhealthy. And we’re all about health.

Obviously, this is where foodporn comes in. Turns out, you can love all over that melty cheese creation — without waking up the next morning wondering “WTF did I eat last night?”

Voila, our list of the best and most beautiful foodporn concoctions we’ve seen lately. Be warned: your mouth will probably water like crazy…

A simple, yet mindblowing, slice of ice cream cake

Warm toasty pulled chicken grilled cheese

Pineapple guajillo

Cookies stuffed with other cookies… OMG.

Sesame crusted ahi tuna?! Yes.

Lava lava

Cheddar bacon waffle fries


[Photo: Twitter/ItsFoodPorn]

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