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  1. Murphy Anthony

    already received over 1,000.00 shares and over 2,000 likes in one day on
    a social your opinion is redundant at this point lol

  2. حسام بحرة

    Why are police so out of shape omg man you guys gotta exercise a little bit
    it’s pathetic

  3. Riznu

    “Come ere!, Foh What?, I need to pat you down sir, Nah man *Takes of

  4. Austin Mckenzie

    first the dude could have said im not talking to you.. case closed, second
    the cop had no right to frisk the guy.. third the dude is an idiot.. he
    told on himself then ran.

  5. Christopher Bonilla

    The cop needs to get a warrant. Fuck that pos cop. No due process, nothing.
    Besides, you really gonna send someone to jail for weed? My pastor probably
    tokes. No real reason for suspicion to talk to him. Ridiculous.

  6. PointlessReality

    I don’t understand the need to harass and throw someone in a cage that is
    no harm to anyone but himself. If that. Bullies

  7. Ali G

    That’s so racist man, I mean, the cop’s excuse for stopping him was “This
    man looks suspicious” and that he “Looked back at the squad car”, if that
    was in any white neighbourhood with white neighbours, no way in hell he
    would’ve pulled him over. 

  8. zachary nodwell

    U guys are all fuckin dumb only good cop IS a dead cop… FUCK THE POLICE

  9. CALICOTV301

    This is actually sad!

    Sad. Arresting people for the same stuff that we can buy legally in many

    Not to mention PROFILING! I mean, this is a waste of time.
    Let him sell his weed UNTIL you raise the minimum wage. Obviously weed
    makes more. I’d rather see him getting money off of weed than breaking into
    people’s homes.

    I can see why the problem perpetuates and these guys aren’t the full blame.

    Gosh, this is such a waste of tax money. I’m not sure if he was selling or
    smoking, but he can’t smoke when others can. The laws need to be on one
    page for frivolous stuff like this

  10. Vague Memory

    God I hate trashy, piece of shit liars like that black guy.. But do you
    know what I hate more? Cops who abuse they’re authority and piss on the
    constitution. Even if the cop stops a guy because he looks like a dope
    head, then ends up finding dope, he is wrong because he needs reasonable
    suspicion to stop the guy in the first place. That is illegal and for the
    people who are ok with it. One day it could happen to you and then you may
    think differently. The Constitution is the only thing you have to protect
    you so cherish it.

  11. VanillaSnake21

    yea this does seem a little over the top, I’m not sure of the laws but
    isn’t stop and frisk illegal now? Also 4g of weed an he’s going to jail?

  12. DuvalKing69o4

    you get more time for running from the cops than just a bag of wee. ive
    even had a cop just take myn and let me go

  13. Andy Yang

    Black male, white shirts, blue pants, white socks…. i mean how much more
    specific and accurate can it go?
    That is almost like saying “yellow male, chinky eyes, short, glasses, bad


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