Rep. Allen Peake recently changed his proposed medical cannabis legislation that was set to decriminalize any possession of the the plant obtained by citizens of Georgia.

Now if the measure is passed it will simply make sure that cancer patients and patrons with serious illnesses can purchase the herb which is not the same as the bill citizens were looking to have passed initially.
Another portion of the bill will allow the possession of oil that has THC weighing in at 3 – 5 % that was obtained legally from out of state sources which is weird to hear due to the fact that drug trafficking is a huge problem when it comes to legalization.




“With this news, I am happy to say that our medical refugees in other states can start packing to come home and reunite with their families,” “Once the updated legislation is formally introduced and passed by both House and Senate chambers, decriminalization would be effective as soon as the governor signs HB 1 into law.”
“Families in Georgia who are seeking medical cannabis will now be able to go to another state to legally obtain the treatment and then come back home without fear of being prosecuted in Georgia.” Said Peake

As the HB 1 bill had proposed beforehand, there would be medical marijuana, decriminalized possession of the substance, and dispensaries, since none of these propositions will be met, the cannabis activists throughout the state of Georgia are pretty furious which is totally understandable.
It’s a reasonable bill but when it comes down to the approval of certain measures throughout the state, activists have to take account that decriminalization is on its way and the fact that Peake will be imposing even a slight amendment favoring the use of legal cannabis products is a step in the right direction.


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