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Blind taste test of dank Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strain grown three different ways. See if these taste testers can distinguish between indoor hydro, indoor soil or outdoor soil-grown Girl Scout Cookie nugs.

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25 Responses

  1. PDXherbnerd

    Yup I agree! I like using hemp wick (I usually don’t keep enough around
    haha) and a glass heating rod. I want to get a ceramic iron to use

  2. Colorado WeedReviewer

    Yo, love what your doing hit me up on facebook, would love to chat with you

  3. kfame

    i loveddd this video and I would love to see you post more challenges!!
    maybe give a few completely different strains and have them guess them… ­čÖé

  4. CalypsoNotch408

    People need to stop hating, acting like they’re smoking “real GSC” news
    flash, unless you’re buying from the hemp center in SF, the ONLY place
    where berner sells his GSC cut, then you’re not smoking “real GSC” but a
    well grown clone is just as good, I know I have both, you’ll pay another
    10$ a gram just because it’s “Berners”

  5. poke some smot

    smh i looked at the pics and it was just tooooooo obvious which was the dro
    and then the 2 outdoors´╗┐

  6. Dave

    ok fuck all the which is the original cookies, which is the best most

  7. lastpatriot4America

    Good video.. Cool test. Lots of debate over this subject. Peace´╗┐

  8. Im High

    you got your lineage wrong but nice try, do research on your strains if
    your gonna do a review ´╗┐

  9. jessica figueras

    if they’re “different” strains they shoulda gave it a few hours to smoke
    the other types to feel a difference´╗┐

  10. ChangeHumanity

    It’s F1 Durban crossed with a certain og. There’s no cherrypie in GSCs´╗┐

  11. Andy J

    No cherry. Florida Og cut. F1 Durban poison. That’s a copy cookie. Many of
    those around. Forum thin mint and the platinum are legit. Anything else is
    a copy. Many do have a cookie in them. Most just aren’t cookie. I have a
    few cuttings. Nothing will replace the new platinum. We have it all over
    sactown. Not cheap unless you have a 31 light warehouse. Holla.´╗┐

  12. young gunner

    Hey guys its me…the guy in all the videos in the back that works at the
    store.. Here is the formula:
    Flo rida x GDP x Durban Poison crossed with ? = GSC….The answer is as
    follows: Flo rida x GDP X F1 Durban = GSC.. The reason its called F1
    Durban is because of the cross and the quick high it gave. The trick to it
    is to figure out what the Durban Poison is crossed with. It’s not simply
    Durban poison. Have fun. We got something new in the oven. First one to
    figure it out come by the shop and ask for Y0unggunner..´╗┐

  13. Andre Valencia

    I’m In Gresham , Oregon and have some great strains id like for you guys to
    try and maybe let’s get togther . Let me know ´╗┐


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