Finding a good weed dispensary in the South Bay is easier with Green Light District around. This dispensary has been known in the South Bay community for being a great option because of the prices and quality of their flowers and other options. It is easily located off the 110 in torrance and always has parking.
My ftp deal was a free gram of some top shelf which was pretty cool, cant really turn that down. The marijuana dispensary GLD had great budtenders who really knew their products. On top of that they do not force you on one kind instead they explain the differences and let you make your own decision on which one to buy. To me that makes all the difference because I hate feeling pressured into buying something.

The quality was pretty solid, some of the indicas I checked out seem kind of dry but they still smelt amazing. Since I was kind of on a budget I couldn’t get the top shelf that was $55 an 8th instead I picked up a few different grams at $15 a piece and my free gram was the private reserve. I must say for $55 an 8th I did not find the private reserve that great. The martian og at only $45 an 8th in my opinion was better. Anyways I must say I left their happy and will be going back when Im on that side of town.
The contact info is listed below:

1658 W. 227th st.
Torrance, CA, 90501

Hours:10-8 everyday

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