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When it comes to the best wax or honeycomb, there are great options all across the board. One of my favorites is the honeycomb from Goji Og Wax. I have always been a fan of OG strains and when it comes to concentrates I seem to lean the same way. Goji OG is a hybrid thats a cross bred of Snow Lotus and Nepali OG.

Being I have a tried a variety of different concentrates I was looking forward to trying out this honeycomb strain. I haven’t tried many honeycomb concentrates in the past so the fact it was hard and dry was a disappointment at first but once I was told thats a good thing I was excited for how the taste and effects would be.

The original marijuana strain got its name from the himalayan Goji berry due to its rather mountainous themed genetics, this tart tasting extract carries with it the air of an alpine meadow. I must say if I had to pick between Goji OG shatter and honeycomb it will be tough since both were amazing.

Smoking on this strain was amazing and after a couple of dabs, dabbing on this honeycomb was just as amazing. With most concentrates they are rough and cause you to cough and not want to dab anymore. That was not the case here, the Goji OG dab created huge clouds of clean, tasty vapors that was so smooth and had me wanting more and more.

With Goji OG seeds being indica dominant you can expect the OG mellow and mild high that makes you want to take that daytime nap, although it picks up sativa genetics from Hawaiian and Thai landraces, giving it an uplifting quality.

Some on the grow boards were arguing landrace kush genetics, but it lacked the kick that kush gives for potent pain relief or insomnia control. Instead it is a pleasant and comforting strain that offers relaxation and stress relief.

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