Got the ultimate basketball tricks from Gonzaga and their basketball squad. We take to the arena to see what type of crazy shots we can make in the Gonzaga arena.

Some Gonzaga Basketball players decided to make a trick shot video during their free time. Surprise guest appearance as well. Let us know what ya’ll think? Follow us on twitter and reply with feed back. Don’t be shy… share with your friends!

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Don’t forget to watch us and cheer on Gonzaga basketball this year!

25 Responses

  1. snakeandmagnum

    Awesome video! I got a little trick video of my own on my channel and I’d
    appreciate any feedback

  2. Bobby Boberson

    The commercial 15 minutes can save you 15% was on… 15 seconds can save
    you 15 seconds of basketball trick shots!

  3. Jaycee Frydenlund

    All you guys are my favorite players. Mostly Pangos though get to come
    watch a zags game next year I’m pump. Good video

  4. Whitetiger54619

    I can believe u guys did that shit u did against UCLA u guys were dumb as
    fuck at the end of that game u lame asses cant play basketball and cant
    trick shot losers u guys should give up posers 

  5. Whitetiger54619

    U guys Sid some of the most easiest trick shots kinda of a boring video the
    one where u right above the hoop and the one where u bounce I off the wall
    lame very easy do some harder tricks lame ass losers.

  6. MegaGary1960

    I wonder how many months of filming went in to this, only showing the shots
    that went in not the weeks of throwing of shots that were miles out


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