If you play the game, you know that shoes are mucho important. Shoes with good traction, bounce, and ankle support can make the difference between a win and a loss. With the Kobe X Elite’s costing $225 and the Lebron XII Elite’s costing $275 basketball shoes aren’t cheap. So, unless you are given a Free pair of Shoes from us, a nice pair of kicks might set you back a bit. So here’s a list of cheap basketball shoes that won’t break the bank.

There a couple of key things to consider win selecting a basketball shoe. Livestrong suggests, “having your foot professional measured… [a shoe] based on your basketball style… [and one] that offers the level of protection needed.”

So, taking all of these things in account and your wallet get ready to find the best kicks that let you bang (if you’ve got the hops) for you buck.

The Speedsters

If you are run and gun player meaning, you push the ball every time, you slash and cut to score most of your buckets, and your favorite word is “outlet” this is you.

The Nike Zoom HyperRev retails for under a $100 bucks on amazon.

According to Complex, the HyperRevs are “the sneaker of choice” for Kyrie Irving. Kyrie’s game is executed through penetrating and dishing, running the break, and using his quick first step to find an easy shot of the dribble.

Weartesters says ” it turns out that the traction is just plain awesome,” for the HyperRev’s and weartesters gives it a 10 out of 10 overall.

The Under Armour Jet, not quite as popular as the Curry Ones, but they have been battle tested retail for $90.

A “Complex” list of best shoes for shooting guards describes the Jet as “more function than fanfare” ranking it as No. 5.

The Versatile Guys

You aren’t a point guard, and you aren’t a big man. You hustle, you run the floor, but you aren’t the quickest one out there. You excel at calculated moves, using smarts, and footwork rather than natural speed and athleticism. This type of person is a must have on every team, and there are shoes just for you.

The Nike Prime Hype DF are available for $60 bucks at footlocker.

Weartesters gave the shoe a 8.5 out of 10 remarking on the excellent traction, cushion, and ankle support. Ankle Support is a key for a versatile type player because anything and everything can happen, “[weartesters] landed on someone’s foot twice while playing in these shoes and both times was able to quickly recover and get back to playing.” that’s saying a lot for support.

Second for the versatile player is Nike Zoom Hyperquickness where they go for as low as $50 on amazon.

Gym Rats reviewed the HyperQuickness at a 8.5 heel toe transition which is crucial for maintaining an excellent first step, staying with the offensive guy, and reacting to other players on the court.

Additionally, weartesters gives them a 10 for 10 in fit which is essential for versatility in the game.

The Big Man and the Jumpers

Only in my dreams, can I catch an alley on the break and finish, but for those of you that can here’s some shoes that literally go hard in the paint.

The Nike Zoom Soldier retails on sale for $90 bucks, and they really work.

Gym rat says the traction, “didn’t hold me back from throwing a couple down.”

The support fits all around the shoe, and the traction is good, but keeps your bounce light because, “This might be my favorite fitting shoe that I’ve had.” according to the aforementioned Gym Rat article.

Additionally, weartestesters ranked the Soldier as number 7 in the best shoes for 2014.

Lastly, an unheard of shoe company, Ektio. The Ektio Breakaway is under a $100, but other models prices skew upwards.

The secret is “Ektio’s revolutionary ankle support technology. [it] is one of the most innovative advances in the history of athletic footwear,” according to Ektio themselves.

Ektio’s patented ankle support works well for high flyers and they have received investments according to Forbes from both John Starks and Rick Barry.

Ektio is a shoe company on the rise so it offers lower prices than Nike and Adidas because it doesn’t quite have the same recognition, but it does have the quality.

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