Gorilla Glue #4 is quickly growing more popular, and there’s a reason why: it’s one of the dankest trees you can find.

The texture of the plant is incredible when grown by the right growers. It’s hard to say but I have been to clinics where the Gorilla Glue reminds you of the sacks you would pick up from your high school connect.

Some users have even proclaimed it greatness when it comes to putting a smile on one’s face. We all have the everyday stress that comes from life and sometimes family so why not get the right strain to help you deal with stress and make you happy when your feeling down.

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Gorilla Glue #4, aka plain old “Gorilla Glue,” is a hybrid strain, reportedly bred from Chemsis, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. The parent strains have been known around the community for their potent effects. When combines we are given the greatness of Gorilla Glue.

It took home the grand first prize at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup, so you know this stuff is good.



Gorilla Glue flowers are frosty and dense. The feel reminds you of your favorite indicas, that are sticky and have you bragging to your friends about how beautiful the thc’s are.

The strain is typically green and white with some purply leaves at buds’ ends. While it looks like similar flowers you can tell the difference after tasting the flowers.


If you like piney-tasting weed, you’ll think this is the best strain you’ve ever tasted. These super dank nugs really smell like a forest.



People describe Gorilla Glue as incredibly relaxing, saying they felt high for a long time and very uplifted.


Cultivation Facts

Usually flowering within 60 days, Gorilla Glue usually yields 25-30 grams per plant.

Which is literally an ounce, you guys. You could smoke this whole plant in a week. Crazy, right?

[Photo via The Cannabist]

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