This Green Crack shatter came by recommendation of the budtender at Collective Awakenings. Check out the full smoke report of this beautiful oil.

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  1. Mike Valinor

    Marijuana will be a trillion dollar market worldwide in 20 years.
    Thousands of business owners are making millions of dollars in profits in
    Washington and Colorado. These owners will take their earnings and expand
    their marijuana businesses in other states and then around the world. And
    the sucker states that are not getting on the bandwagon are going to be the
    ones ten years from now who will be saying, “WOW wish we had gotten into it
    sooner so our citizens could have made the billions citizens in Washington
    and Colorado have made and then used to expand there businesses around the
    nation and then around world.” Twenty years from now there will be a
    few billion dollar marijuana businesses in the world and they will be in
    Washington State. Just like Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks are Billion
    dollar businesses from Washington State. And In WA our price for MJ will
    be $25-35 a gram almost the price of gold per gram and in the future we
    want to control the US market and charge everyone that price as well just
    like MSFT charges $200 for windows 8.1.

  2. Jorge Garcia

    when it sizzles, throw it away!!! Your “high” is of the solvents used; not
    the thc or cbds. Stick to Cold water hash. ITS A FULL-MELT!!

  3. TimeFadesMemoryLasts

    are you sure you don’t talk about aluminum? titanium is not known to cause
    cancer afaik and actually very inert

  4. Ryan Glenn

    Jorge it can sizzle if the nail is to hot too not just if there is solvents

  5. TheBleedingVagina

    name of the song in the background? and I know damn well it’s not sandstorm

  6. eberspitsalott

    It also sizzles from your finger oils when you touch your hash. Its pure

  7. St. John

    its really hard nowadays to find a good strain. also seeing the finger
    prints on that makes you wonder uff

  8. TheDabEnthusiast

    i would bet half, if not most of those bubbles were from packaging into a
    jar like that and it overlapping, trapping bubbles of air… 


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