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Everytime I am up in San francisco I find myself stopping by Green Door for all my medication needs. Time after time I have left this place feeling great about my purchases and my experience their.

They have a great staff of volunteers who really know how to take care of their members and can be trusted when you need help.
The coolest part about this marijuana dispensary is they actually have a lounge inside where you can come to relax after a long day or to just start the day off. Not too many dispensaries offer that so Green Door is one of my favorites up north just because of that.

To top it off they offer great prices on great medication that does the job for me everytime no matter what. When coming to Green Door, I do not have to worry about being upsold or led to buy a strain they want to get rid of because its drying up.

After visiting this marijuana dispensary it is evident why they have been a member of the community for so long. You can tell many patients love this place for a variety of reason and choose this dispensary over many other choices available in the area.

Anyways I definitely recommend you guys checking them out.

I have listed the contact info below:
Green Door San Francisco
843 Howard St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Hours: Sun 10am-8pm Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

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