Earlier this week, we talked about when not to smoke weed. But on the bright side, there are plenty of times that it makes sense to get high — and more than a few ways to get the most of out of your morning, afternoon, or evening bowl.


Photo: Meme Center

Photo: Meme Center

Before the gym

If you’ve never experienced the glory of lifting weights with a little marijuana buzz, you’ve gotta give it a try. Of course, driving while stoned is controversial, but there are other ways to work out: take an Uber or a Lyft there, or try to find a gym that’s within walking distance.

Getting high before you lift really takes away from the “burn” and adds to the enjoyability factor of getting swole. Going for heavier weights, as long as you take it slow and safe, feels much better with a body high.

Just be sure you’re not so stoned that you forget what you’re doing — this could spell disaster for your exercise habits— and only work out high if you feel comfortable having a buzz on in public. And a pro tip: stoned cardio usually isn’t that great.

Before bed

Some may not consider this a hack, particularly because weed can mess up your sleep cycle, preventing you from ever reaching deep REM stages of sleep.

But once in a while, it’s incredibly fun to eat a brownie or two before bed. That way, you can maximize your time: trip out as you sleep. Why not?

To get creative

If you’ve been finding yourself thinking too much inside the box, take a break — and a hit or two — before returning to your work. Shifting your mindset can change everything, including your attitude.


To get ‘er done

When you have some boring chores to get done (cleaning comes to mind), it’s the perfect time to smoke up. It’s the grown-up version of “whistling while you work.”  And it’s awesome.

What are your favorite times to smoke? How do you like to hack your own life with weed? 

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