Hash Oil, Concentrates, Dabs, call them what you want but if you’re not keeping up on the latest and most potent way to get your daily dose of THC then you might want some knowledge dropped on you. Hash Oil is the finished product of either butane or Co2 being run through a long glass extraction tube filled with left over trim from a recent harvest.

The butane / Co2 catches all of the THC crystals that we all know and enjoy, which is all flushed out on to a hot plate. When the run has been cycled on to the hot plate, the Butane or C02 is cooked out of the mixture and then cooled, creating a sticky weed substance that can yield almost 60% THC content opposed to the average 20% that you get from the well-known flower.
Darkside shatter dab, made by TC Labs for Natural Remedies in De
Back in the 1960’s people had a vague idea of what hash oil was but they referred to the sticky cannabis substance as “Hippy Crack”. Fast forwarding to the 21st century, the legalization and technological advances that have propelled cannabis culture forward are truly dope to say the least.
Modern day stoner’s are usually found referring to hash oil as a dab for a single gooey hit of the concentrate and then Wax, oil, or shatter depending on the consistency of the product.
The dab movement is definitely a strong one, it’s created an entirely different look at weed consumption from the glass and technology that it’s patrons who use it to reach that signature buzz that might make you revert back to feeling like your back in high school, freshman year toking with your buddies for the first time.


My first experience taking a dab was a few years ago during my time in Philadelphia. One of my good friends who is originally from Colorado had introduced his “oil-rig” to me which happened to be a honeycomb disc plate based artist piece.
Since I’m originally from a town in Northern Virginia that does not allow glass to be sold in headshops or tobacco stores, art like this was new to me. My generous friend rationed out a hefty dab , made me stand up, and heated the TI nail (with a propane blow torch, don’t try that at home).
Once I put my lips to the mouthpiece of the bong I immediately tasted the most pure herbal relief of vapor I had ever experienced in my life. The taste was a full, bold, fruit filled, and pine accented decadence of cannabis bliss. The high made me sit down immediately, followed by the stoniest two hours of my life.

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