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Something about being by the water and smoking a jay is a great feeling. When I find myself down in Orange County my preferred marijuana dispensary is Huntington Beach Caregivers. After first hearing about this place I decided to stop by when I was visiting a friend down in HB for the day.

HBCG is located in a little strip mall and parking was pretty easy when I went. I went through through the usual signup process which was smooth and took less than 10 minutes so that was nice. The I got to go into the medication room and see the product.

Earlier I refered to OSH being the 31 flavors of weed but I think I found it rival in HB. HBCG had a huge variety of everything from edibles to flowers. No matter what you wanted or your budget they had options for you. On top of that they have a variety of specials and HH they run throughout the day.
For their FTP deals they give you a free gift and a discount on whatever you buy. Since we were going to the beach today I decided to go with some edibles and sativa based strains. Crystal Coma was my top choice after checking out a few of their sativa strains, the smell and feel of it was amazing and to top it off it had the highest thc level.
So I must say I was really impressed with HBCG, the tenders were smart and they know how to make you feel comfortable and not pressured when making up your mind. Some of these dispensaries just want to get you in and out to serve their other members without actually caring about you.

Luckily HBCG is not one of those dispensaries. I provided the contact info below for you guys:

17416 Beach Blvd
Huntington Beach, CA, 92647

Hours: 9am-12am everyday

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  1. anthonyburge

    loven the qualityof there maney flowers ,also the great customer service


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