How to Make your CBD Double Your THC

Lets chat about a high CBD (Cannabidiol) strain named Hayley’s Comet, a 2-1 CBD/THC ratio . This strain came from Vancouver Island in 2007 from a guy that just had some good weed and wanted to have it tested by Dr Hornby.

When it was being tested the growers had noticed double the amount of CBD to THC, and thought WOW this was amazing.

Watch the video to see more and learn how to double your CBD to THC Ratio.

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  1. WelcomeHome76

    LMAO, Johhny B killing me with the guess the cutting… Bubble man would
    say to label your containers before you take your cuttings ­čśë What is the
    CBD/THC ratio of that Barbara strain?´╗┐

  2. v8rangercrawler

    John b I been running mass bho until I recently did a run of dry sift and
    it was amazing now I’m hooked love the vids keep em comin´╗┐

  3. jerimias weed

    Right on great vid john. Those plants at the end were huge! Nice metallica

  4. William Foster

    jon i love your plants..they are beutiful … they make me

  5. WelcomeHome76

    Hey Mike, Speedy recovery!! Do you top those plants? lol Even in veg I
    like to lollypop the lower stuff. I’m concerned with the internode spacing
    of your plants. Are you raising/lowering your lights to prevent vegetative
    stretching? If it it to much trouble to move the lights, raise up the

  6. 420 David

    Hey John ! Thanks for the long video. You slowly but surely becoming my
    favourite youtuber. Always good vibes and so much information. Keep up the
    good work John B !´╗┐

  7. Arthur Dent

    Another great video full of useful information. keep up the good work

  8. 1Haneefah

    Great detailed video. I love how this community, continue to share freely.
    Using all green planet nutrients on new grow and so far my plants love the
    stuff, so do I. Thanks John B shouts out to bubble mans , DTE NORTH, all
    you guys in BC..weedguy Mark k.. One day I would love to meet you all and
    have a session. Maybe my next vac will be Canada. Haven’t been sense I was
    14 and I’m dam near…maybe a girls trip..yes I’m a lady.´╗┐

  9. mrHighLifex

    Great video! Im going to try a high cbd strain to see if it helps my hppd´╗┐

  10. Dab Be Good

    I find that when transplanting, if the medium is more moist you will put
    far less stress on the root ball, and everything will stay intact. I
    moisten the plant an hour or so before transplanting, and I moisten the new
    medium as well. That’s what I do….just thought I’d share…..grower love
    dude….~Peace from Bend, Oregon~´╗┐

  11. boabloke

    Hi John , Great video as always very informative ! but couldn’t help
    noticing when you take cuttings you don’t scrape the bottom inch or so of
    the stem to expose the cambium layer , doing this will help make the
    cuttings root more prolifically as this is where the roots are generated
    from i believe.´╗┐

  12. WelcomeHome76

    damn Mike, all those plants under one light? I don’t care is that’s a
    1000, it is not good. Also is that a HPS bulb? The light looks yellow
    though I may be tripping. If it is, that is only going to add to your
    stretching problems. Sorry if it sounds like I’m being a jerk, I just want
    you to have access to all the medicine you need to cure yourself. My
    recommend is to grow short bush plants maybe 4 in a 5 x 5 area. Keep
    topping and lollypop from the mid point of your veg cycle. Cage them up
    for support and transplant into shallow 15 gallon buckets before the flip.
    Until flowers appear use MH, as you should be using throughout the veg
    cycle, then switch to HPS. This should reduce stretch. Most high CBD
    strains I have seen tend to grow lanky, so this helps. Peace´╗┐

  13. Wham Bam

    John have you ever thought about trying to grow a plant maybe your Medi
    Kush in a DWC setup to see the difference in growth and quality? Try it out
    I think you might like the results and Im sure you can use nutrients to do
    it from your favorite nutrient provider.´╗┐


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