Choosing the right marijuana dispensary in Anaheim can be tricky. Most dispensaries post all these specials and amazing pictures of their medication but when you go see it, you are left regretting the trip. Out of the few times I have been to High Roller’s Collective dispensary, this has happened to me. They seem to be hit or miss as sometimes they have quality flowers and other times I am wishing I saved my money.

High roller’s is located off of Brookhurst and have great hours for all you late night stoners. they stay open till 12 every night except the weekends(close at 10). As mentioned earlier the medical marijuana here can be some of the best you have seen or a complete disappointment. The good thing is the they do have variety at different price levels so depending on your needs and budget you can always find something here, it just might not be the best.

I remember my first time going to a dispensary was kind of trippy because of the atmosphere and what not. It seems like they understand this here because the staff is chill and very helpful. Any questions you might have they will have an honest answer for you and be straight up. They never tried to upsell me on something or mislead me into buying a specific strain.
I have listed the contact info below:

High Rollers Collective
631 S. Brookhurst St. Suite 211
Anaheim, CA, 92804

Hours: Sat-Sun. 10am-10pm Mon-Fri 12am-12pm

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