When Todd Mitchem first rolled out his brainchild, the cannabis social network app High There, Google and Apple were only sort of on board.

Mitchem’s app could only be used in states where marijuana was totally legal, namely Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Alaska. Anyone who lived elsewhere and wanted some more stoner buddies (or squeezes) was just outta luck.

So High There went the transparency route. By presenting the service as a simple chat technology, first and foremost, High There (surprisingly) won the app stores’ approval… to go international.

Moderators remove profile pictures that feature plain ol’ weed, but pretty much anything else cannabis-related is fair game. At least, provided it’s not illegal in other ways. Users are even encouraged to report others who they suspect of illegal activity, which in this case probably most often means sales on the app.

And it’s all about connecting advocates. “We’re promoting a mindset that you don’t even have to consume to appreciate,” Mitchem told Forbes.

By keeping its nose far away from possible trouble, High There could become a serious success.

Let’s just see how it performs this 4/20, when people from all over will flock to Denver in cellphone-clutching droves.

[Photo: High There via Forbes]

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