California being one of the original states to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is yet to legalize it recreationally. Events like the HighFi this past weekend have been able to really grow the support and awareness of cannabis to the public.
In its second year, the event was put on as a way to support victims of PTSD. The individuals who put on the show have seen how beneficial Cannabis is in their own lives and they want to help get the word out.

Many individuals are ignorant toward marijuana because of the stigma’s that are associated with users of it. Lately many advocates are coming out and showing how many of the stigma’s are false.

At the local event in Downtown Los Angeles, many like minded patients and advocates gathered to embrace the health benefits and possibilities of cannabis. The HighFi featured different types of music. We were fortunate to start off with some Pepper and later on Breal’s Protege, Ezone from South Los Angeles owned it on the mic.
The show featured a variety of different businesses from the industry. Of course the 420 Nurses were there. One of the larger growing brands in the community the 420 Nurses have chapters all over that are creating unity across the Nation.

With the Chalice Festival coming up next month you know Hitman Glass was there promoting the Festival and embracing the Los Angeles community where a lot of it got its start back in the early 80 and 90’s. While Colorado went all-out in regards to Marijuana legalization it looks like California is being more patient to see how everything plays out. Who knows in the long run that might be better for our community and industry.

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